Tuesday, June 27, 2006

SOUND team / Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin rockin on my 20th!!!!

Well, my ears were ringing after this one in a good way. Both these bands delivered for the special occasion and put forth a solid effort on stage. Unfortunatley another low turnout for a great band at a small club. It happens to the best bands, they'll move on. I loved the sound of both bands and the depth both bands showed. I only saw 5 songs by The Sound Team was near perfection. The only downfall was a little stronger (turned up) vocals, but live music is about instrumentals and they gave me the best live sound I've heard in a while. Their vocals have great potential and were phenomenal on most tracks. Check both these bands out on myspace and read another great review with more pictures on the rock n roll star blog. More pics up on my flickr soon. Thanks everybody for celebrating my 20th. And thank you bands for putting on a great set. Hope to see you in minneapolis soon. Cheers -Brody