Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lavradores/Snowden/Forward Russia @ the Triple Rock

On a nice warm winter night (0 degrees) I strolled over to the triple rock... Thanks to Mute Records I got into the show for free.. I was able to see a great local band along with a extremely talented band from Atlanta(Snowden). My uncle and I went in with steady expectations of a classic entertaining brit band..... We saw that at more, the darkness mixed with the music. I usually don't like thrash, but this I loved because of great lead vocals and a fantastic rock n roll image... Everything is brilliant in Leeds once again just like the Kaisers.... In fact Forward Russia played their first show with the Kaiser Chiefs, in Leeds of course.. For More Pics visit My Flickr Page... I'll see all the smart music lovers at The Dears tonight at the Fineline...

Forward Russia Myspace/Website