Monday, October 12, 2009

Mat Kearney and Diane Birch @ First Ave. 10/10/09

Stumbling in on sound-check in the Entry I greeted Mat with a warm welcome before his set with my friend Ashleigh. I was just showing her around the venue and no one had any idea Mat's band was warming up write next door.  
Kicking off the show though was a talented female soul artist named Diane Birch. She seemed to be having a blast being on tour with Mat as she took the stage to help out with his encore. 
So who is Mat Kearney? He is by far one of the best American singer/songwriters we have today. Currently living in Nashville, Mat has written 4 top 20 hits.   Kearney still brought the band with him that included one of Minneapolis's top artists in Tyler Burkum playing lead guitar. Mat played all his hits and bunch of tracks from his newer album "City of Black and White".  During the show an abide fan pointed out that his voice sounded a lot like Chris Martin. 
Here he is earlier in Minneapolis this summer performing at Basilica Block Party

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