Sunday, November 04, 2007

Film School with Land of Talk @ The 400 Bar 11/3/07

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Film School was one very wholesome surprise. This band sounded so good, they could have been rocking at the Target Center opening for the Rolling Stones. Let's just say they're an amazing arena band from San Francisco that's playing at small clubs all around the states. Man are people that see these guys lucky. I was blown away by the extremely powerful sound. 3 guitars, keyboard player, and of course a drummer to form this arsenal. Film School brought to mind Ravoenettes and so many other great bands all in one.

Hanging with Film School

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Land Of Talk hails from Montreal Canada, a.k.a the cream of the crop for indie bands. Metric like rock n roll mixed in with some incredible vocals from their lead singer Elizabeth Powell. They were at the 7th St. Entry opening for The Rosebuds this summer. It was very nice to see these guys come back. Summer Special is a very rad tune. They've come out with some more new tracks. Their guitars were stolen in Jersey, so they had some cool rentals from Gibson.

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