Wednesday, April 25, 2007

White Liot Riot and This World Fair @ The Varsity

 This World Fair Live @ The Varsity April 24th 2007This World Fair Live @ The Varsity April 24th 2007This World Fair Live @ The Varsity April 24th 2007This World Fair Live @ The Varsity April 24th 2007This World Fair Live @ The Varsity April 24th 2007This World Fair Live @ The Varsity April 24th 2007
It was good to be back at the Varsity, and a pleasure to see 2 of the top local bands. Both these bands have great respect in the cities.. Their all classy guys and talk to everybody after the shows. They put everything they've got into their set, and let it all out on stage.. My good friend James took This World Fair to lunch and checked out the movie Disturbia(which has a song by the band in the flick). All three bands were really excited to play and the buzz was building all throughout the cities, especially the U. Not a sellout but, a good 2-300 hundred people jumping around at the Varsity Theater. Idle Hands was the first band and White Light Riot followed.. Unfortunately I missed the entire Idle Hands set(great band, have gotten a chance to see them), and missed virtually the entire White Light Riot set. Luckily I got to hear their big hit Out of Sight, and checked out that their set list and saw that they didn't play Stars. This band should be having their CD release show @ The Varsity sometime in July!!! They play all over the cities and are very popular at the colleges.
This World Fair was even better the second time around. It's pretty easy to enjoy this one better when you compare The Varsity Theater to Station 4. My good friend Mike called Station 4 a "Jail Cell". And of course the Varsity is the best place in town.. With all the hype and confidence this band is rolling with the momentum they have. They looked very experienced and almost like they've been on tour for last 6 months.. This World Fair is actually very new and have been on the scene every since they started playing shows.. The band has been on fire getting signed to (EMI/Rethink Records), a song in the movie and on the soundtrack of Disturbia, and will opening for Guster May 1st @ The University of Wisconsin... I wasn't so high on these guys at the start and they do have a couple tracks that are a little to repetitive, but once they got moving and played a few of their hits I was getting into it!!!! They have 5 songs that are just amazing, if they put a record together where every song is solid, this bands got a lot more potential. It's tough to love a band after seeing the Kaiser Chiefs!!! With 7 more shows around the Midwest they'll be making it back to the Varsity May 26th. I may be at Airports and Atlases tomorrow at Club Underground(11pm they hit the stage).. Stay Tuned for the Bright Eyes review from Erik as well!!!! Stay hip and enjoy the sun...

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