Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Charlotte Sometimes opens for Train's lead singer @ First Ave. 10/22/07

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I see a lot of talent go to waste when I teach a sport. Not this show. The singer I saw tonight, Charlotte Sometimes, uses all of her talent and potential and belted out her extremely gifted vocals. My roommate informed me that she probably got her name by The Cure song "Charlotte Sometimes". Charlotte was adopted and very lost throughout her childhood. Fortunately this gal has turned into everything people want to be, independent yet very outgoing. Recording a couple EP's and a live cd at 14 gives you a good idea how she has turned out. Her dance and theater background are shown during her performance. She is gorgeous, has a blast on stage, and has so much variety in her music.
So many influences cultivate her sound to form a compilation of all music. She likes to have a blend of styles and enjoys going in all different directions with her music. Charlotte has a soul side just singing vocals, to indie pop on guitar, to Regina Spektor on Piano, this musician does everything. Just wait as she picks up momentum with touring, marketing, and more buzz. A hit single and an incredible live performance can only lead to money and fame. "1918: Waves and the Both of Us" is her enchanting debut full-length album that will availible in stores early 2008 . Get Ready for it!

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The Cure "Charlotte Sometimes"

Oh yea and she opened for Pat Monahan, the lead singer of Train. I left right after I met Charlotte and headed over to catch the flick "The Darjeeling Limited". What a film. Great actors, solid plot, and good ol' Kinks tunes, equals instant classic. 3 brothers travel throughout India in search to find themselves and meet with their mother. Owen Wilson has the be one of the funniest actors out today, he seriously needs to do stand up. I think he could be better than Sinbad and Gaffigan. Maybe? Adrian Brody, Bill Murray, and Natalie Portman are also in the movie. The same Director(Wes Anderson) of Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums directed the film. I think he's got 3 classics now. The Darjeeling Limited is playing at the Uptown and has 1:00, 3:10, 5:20, 7:30, and 9:50 show times every weekday. Call (612) 825-6006 for show times and other listings or go to the website to buy tickets. It's never busy.

The Official Trailer for "The Darjeeling Limited"

Check out Rogue Wave @ The 400 Bar tonight or Figurines @ The Entry
I'll for sure be at Mobius Band and Matthew Dear @ The Entry this wed.
Cya at a show.. Rock On -Brody

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