Friday, July 28, 2006

CAMERA OBSCURA brilliant in the lights of the Varsity Theater..

Very similar to the Concretes from the Sweden, Camera Obscura had a lot more energy, better stage presence, and of course more low to high transitions. With a fairly long set they were very friendly with the crowd and made sure minneapolis got the most of Camera's appearance. As you can tell by the pictures these guys have a good time and have been doing this for a while. It's been quite some time since they've been to the cities, at least a couple years when they played at the 400 bar. Great turnout even with the Varsity's lower capacity limit of 300. Until the Varsity gets a sprinkler system it won't go back up to 800 for a little while. The Theater is currently working on getting their budget together. Lets hope they can get this soon so we can continue to see great bands here instead of seeing them at first ave or watching bands shy away from minneapolis. Getting back to Camera, they have a brand new album called (Let's get out of this Country). This album has gotten great reviews with two of their biggest hits If Looks Could Kill and Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken. They should be back in January at the Varsity with more songs and a lot of energy. Make sure you check their album out. I hope you all have a Futureheads ticket!!! See you at the show Sunday at the Varsity. I may check out Jollie Holland, after the twins game on sat. will see?? Cheers -Brody