Sunday, July 20, 2008

SIKA steals the show from Secret Machines 7/19/08


The Fineline Music Cafe has been known to have incredible light shows. SIKA kept that going and took full advantage of the flashing strobe lights. Really maturing as a band their getting extremely comfortable playing in front of big crowds. Lead singer Aleksey Zharinov is sounding more and more like Thom Yorke. Ok maybe not that good. Either way they stole the show from a very disappointing performance by Secret Machines.

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Aleksey ZIMG_1849IMG_1867

Secret Machines clearly needs Ben Curtis and his dynamic stage presence back in front of the flashing lights. Unfortunately Ben who was lead guitarist and vocals has left to work on his side project. Ben left the band in March 07. Brother Brandon still has a great voice, but too much has been lost. This is just your average jam band from NYC. The crashing fall has begun for Secret Machines.

A Taste of SIKA

SIKA Official Page / Myspace Page

Sika will be playing the 400 Bar July 26th

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