Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Envy Corps 12/15/07 @ The Nomad

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The Envy Corps
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I've never seen 5 musicians this talented play together.. Coming from Iowa with a name a little bit on the dark side this band takes it to the next level. The Envy Corps brought around 100 people to a small venue and rocked the night away. Imagine seeing Modest Mouse or Radiohead at the 400 Bar or The Entry. That is what it felt like my friends. Johnny Marr on guitar and Thom Yorke on vocals, absolutely fucking amazing...
The Envy Corps have more than just the indie sound and Midwest love, a story has unfolded. Let me fill you in on what I've heard. The Envy Corps gets signed by Mercury Records after opening for The Killers. The band then gets a house bought and a tour set up in England from the label. They lived near Brixton for 8 months and opened for incredible bands which included Editors, The Maccabees, and The Hoosiers. So I'm guessing they played in front of a few thousand people in quite a few places.. Imagine being in a band and getting that opportunity!
The Envy Corps setlist 12/15/07 Minneapolis
They moved back to Iowa just before Thanksgiving. They set up a little mini Midwest tour before Christmas and have all the locals crazy for their return. But I think the guys are hoping to get back to England really soon! Life has just begun for The Envy Corps. Be sure to listen to them and see where the journey leads too.

Here is by far on the best videos I've seen in a while. The Envy Corps-Wires and Wool

Upcoming shows for The Envy Corps

22 Dec 2007 6pm People’s Court Des Moines
22 Dec 2007 9pm People’s Court - 21+ Des Moines
31 Dec 2007 9pm International Grand Ballroom at The Atheneum Hotel Detroit, Michigan

The Envy Corps Official Page / Myspace Page

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Top 5 show list coming on wed. or thurs. Go to the Nomad Tues. night to celebrate More Cowbell Founder's B-Day. The Alarmists are playing!!! shhhhhhhhhhh...