Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Part 2-La Rocca,Los Abandoned, and Birdmonster @ the 400 bar..

La Roca from Dublin Ireland started off the second show with a bang. A little Springsteen, and a whole lot more of an indie rock vibe in these guys. These Irish lads made a lot of fans from the first show stick around to join the worldwide rock n roll marathon. They have a new album called The truth. Trust me it is the truth of classic rock n roll with a twist of melodies. Visit their Website.
Los Abandoned was your classic metric/be your own pet/yeah yeah yeahs, a lot of energy, pop, and dance. With a few tracks in spanish this 4 piece from L.A. is a true pop band with hop and even a little 60's sound. They have a top 40 hit in Mexico and have loved touring the states with two great bands. Unfortunetly their are only two more dates left, they'll be back to the greater twin cities. Their new album should be out soon. Mysapce Page and Website.

Birdmonster was back ready to show us what their really made of. Thier were just here about 3 weeks ago with Someone Still Loves you Boris Yelstein. This show was much better because they had a lot more room, and had more intentions to rip it up for the fans. Birdmonster proved to be just as good as the likes of Razorlight and Kings of Leon. Check out their wesbite to buy thier new album.

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Check out Mew tonight at the fineline!
Check out Matt Jennings on thursday night @ Arcadia Cafe

Part 1-Planes for Spaces and Figurines @ The 400 Bar..

Mr. Joe January, lead singer of planes for spaces, hooked me up with a great night of rock n roll. Planes delivered a solid local performance and reminded be of built to spill a little bit. They are very original and definitely have their own sound. With only 3 band members they bring a lot of energy to the table. Both their ex-guitarists were they to check the gig, one being Tony(the bassist in the Alarmists). Joe may be moving to New York, but they'll be plenty more chances to see these guys rock..

Planes for Spaces Website
Myspace Page

The Figurines could best be described as the High pace Danish Modest Mouse.. Unbelievable guitar work from the classic Danes. Starting off with some acoustic tunes they kicked up the tempo with belting electric guitars. Their new album Skeleton is a definite top 20 album. A lot like Wolf Parade you have to get used to the vocals a bit, but once you see this band live you'll understand greatness.

Figurines Website
Myspace Page

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