Sunday, January 14, 2007

Emily Haines and Soft Skeleton @ The Varsity Theater

I like British Music, I have a blog, and I'm as straight as they get.. Ladies thank you for the love
Emily Haines going to work on the keys

My roommate Vu is quite the pimp and knows how to work his magic...I introduce The Crew(All 4 will be contributing to the BritishRock blog very soon.)
After enjoying 40 degree spring like temperatures the weather decided to get very nasty(basically what everyone expects in Minnesota.. Heading to the Varsity their was no line, and surprising a show that wasn't even close to selling out. You would think being right next to the U you would get all those college kids that are big fans of Emily's main projects over the years in Metric and Broken Social Scene. Guess not tonight. Their still was a lot of people at the show probably 300, I was just surprised that some one of Emily's talent and stature wouldn't attract all that attention. Lets cut to the chase, well lets just say thank god we missed most of that Tall Firs set.. Absolutely awful. We also stood behind a crowd of people because their were people enjoying their comfy chairs, tables, and couches around the theater..
On to Ms. Haines, we expected a quiet, dark psychedelic evening in Emily's melodies, and thats what exactly happened. Everyone was silent, the only word from the crowd was "spit it out sister", when Emily went off on her strong opinions.. She expressed that shes best friends with the British, bloggers, and skinny people.. Everyone ones got expressions, it's good to be honest, let things out, and Emily is a very independent gal that says what she wants.. I respect that.. I make fun of people all the time, in a little nicer way. I think it did bring back some memories of that Cat Power show, where Chan talked about her ups in downs in life with drugs, alcohol, and her fight against depression.. Emily is far from that and is much more up beat with a band behind her and a great mix of darkness and melodies. I still highly recommend seeing Soft Skeleton to see how far Emily can reach on another side of music and to watch her express all her thoughts into one album.. Good show nonetheless, but I prefer Broken Social Scene and Metric just a little bit more. I need that energy in a live performance!!! Keep rocking, and check out Varttina @ The Cedar today(Sunday Jan. 15th @ The Cedar, show starts at 730pm). Goodnight and Good luck. -Brody

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