Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thanks again Gardy for blowing another chance!


Ron Gardenhire's Genius Mind shows again. (Not!)
1. We out hit the Yankees every game except for the last(Tied)
2. Base running blunders in all 3 games
3. 17 base runners stranded in the second game
4. Giving up the first game of the series by throwing out a rookie.
5. Down 2-1 in the eighth, (Leadoff Double by Punto). Doesn't have Span bunt. (of course Punto gets thrown out after)
6. And to top it off you don't bring in Nathan to start the ninth down 2-1 with the season on the line. Instead you wait to bring him in with the bases loaded with one out. Gardy explains, "My closers confidence is already shot, how can I bring it to an all time low going into the off season." "Oh yea do exactly that!"

What else did we had going- 4 guys with 90 RBI's, The best hitter in baseball, 3 stud pitchers to form a 3-man rotation for the playoffs.

Thanks Gardy for making the playoffs again in the worst division in baseball. Your now 1-5 in playoff series

Dear Pohlad Family, please fire Gardy and Bill Smith so i can enjoy watching good baseball and finally see some talent put around Mauer and Morneau. Thanks a million!

Don't get me wrong though, I still like to see him get thrown out!

Stop watching the twins and just listen to music, it puts you in a much better mood!

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Hey look it's my 16 year old sister on the Disney Channel!

I dig this video, I can't lie. Party in the USA! Amazing lyrics!

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