Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Peter Bjorn and John w/ The Clientele @ First Ave

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The show of the year in may was back for their second show in Minneapolis in roughly four months. The Clientele from England opened and have also been in the cities quite often playing shows at the 400 bar and opening for bands like Spoon. The Clientle's lead guitarist and vocalist really knows how to end a set showing off on guitar for good reason. Very good backing band to compliment his guitar and Lennon like vocals. They'll be going back home to work on another album, so we won't see these guys back for at least a year.
Peter Bjorn and John were here this time with a much better opening band and most importantly their drummer John. John was missing last time in may working with his other bands. John said, "I quit those other bands, my focus is PB and J all the way". Peter brought all his energy to Minneapolis again, jumping up and down like a pogo stick. And just when I thought this guy does everything on stage except getting on top of the giant speakers and crowd surfing, he did both. Getting a chance to hang out with both bands after the gig made for memorable night. PB and J has one more gig in Chicago, go to England for 3 gigs, and then fly back to the states for another 7. After that I'm sure they'll be hitting the studios for another album.

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