Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sean Lennon Live At First Avenue!

Well, he certainly was not the Beatles, his band in fact never mentioned nor played a Beatles track unfortunately. He does look exactly like his dad only with a full beard, and very casually he was wearing gold shoes with a black suit. Staying on the bright side, Sean has his own unique style and is a very dorky character with the crowd.. He believes in having fun and creates a different blend of music. He has one member performing with him from a band he used to play some shows with(Chibo Matto), a girl that I believe he used to date plays piano alongside him. This was his second release ever and first album in nearly 8 years.. Sean has a lot of talent and is searching for the right fit in music, but just has to big of shoes to fill and too many high expectations.. It's not easy living up to the hype, but it's nice to have an automated fan base from a famous father... If you get a chance check out his new album.. From the people I talked to, liked his first release a lot better.. You can be the judge of that by comparing them.. Sean still has a bright future and is very open with the crowds, he appreciates all the support.. This man will eventually find a rhythm and build some momentum with his music career. Just give him time.. Please Send your top 10 concert lists to me via email.. BritishRockisAlwaysTop@yahoo.com Stay cool -The BritRocker

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