Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Butch Walker 3/9/09 @ Varsity Theater


Butch Walker sings James -Laid in Minneapolis 3/9/09 from Brody McCoy on Vimeo.
Not a huge fan of Butch Walker's music, but man did he put on a show. Butch is an incredible entertainer and musician. He literally put's everything he's got into every song whether he's drinking or not. And unlike Mr. Ryan Adams who supposedly hits a wall and disappoints everyone when he's drunk, Butch just keeps rolling and has a good time. Nothing gets in the way of Butch, he just loves what he does.
The gorgeous Varsity Theater has gone through some remodeling giving it more of a vintage/old fashion look. Walker acknowledged how much he loved the venue, by asking the crowd if their is room to rent here. He gave us a quick spiel on his ex who wanted him to get a real job after his band got dropped a while back. Butch let everyone know why he didn't step away from the rock n roll, by singing in the middle of the crowd.
Butch played a few covers by Elton John (Tiny Dancer) and James (Laid). Cowboy hat for most of his set, the man even gave us the old, throw the guitar pic in the air/catch it in the mouth trick. He brought out openers The Films for the last track apart of his 3-song encore. The varsity was very close to a sell out, for Butch Cassidy as the kids like to call him.
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Butch Walker in Minneapolis 3/9/09 @ Varsity Theater

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