Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A week to remember and learn from....

A week with the Villains of Verona (from Chicago) made me realize what it takes to promote a band. After handing out over 500 cd's throughout the streets of minneapolis I had very high expectations for their debut show at the Varsity Theater. Unfortunatley it was a huge disapointment. Their were less than 50 people that purchased tickets and only about 20 people that were able to witness the buzz and excitment of the Villains of Verona.. With the band staying 5 nights I made sure I kept a smile on my face after losing $170 bucks. The band enjoyed two shows and checked out over 6 bands throughout their stay. Those bands included World Party, The Rakes, Romantica, Dance Band, Sam Keenen, Every Move a Picture, and Panic at the Disco. Throughout the day they checked out the lakes, practiced away, went to MOA, and had a classic stay. Luckily they rebounded with a steller act on thursday for their farewell gig at The Nomad. Check out this video and you'll see why I love this band I why they'll be back in minneapolis..

Thanks again for everyone that attended the shows and make sure you check this band out if you haven't already!!! Will make sure thier always welcome, and will give them the fans they deserve here in the twin cities next time they stroll through the cities!!! Best Wishes Villains -Brody