Sunday, April 30, 2006

Regina Spektor at the ascot room

What a smile
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The night started off perfect. I started the clapping which had "the wave" like impact on the crowd. The fans cheered and clapped vigorously until she made her debut in minneapolis. She blew Fiona Apple out of the water with her range. She was so confident on stage she stopped whenever she pleased in the middle of songs to heckle her crew. Every song had a different meaning, a great idea, and her voice just rang melodies in your head. As of now the Editors/Stellastarr sits as the best show of 2006, followed by Regina being the best female performance I've seen next to KT Tunstall. After the show I waited around to meet her. I got some autographs and praised the talent level shes reached. My favorite quote, Regina, "have fun with the rest of your lives", to the fans. Now is the time to see Regina, if you don't see her soon she's bound to be at northrop very soon. To all the Regina fans out there, enjoy the music, and always now the sky's the limit for this incredible artist. Click on the photo to see more photos on my flicker site. And check out the video below. Craig and Steve hope you enjoyed the show! Cheers and Have a happy-go sunday.